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If you want to be more successful be a better speaker! Welcome

Tel: +44 (0)2920 509720

What will being a better speaker mean for you?

“The impact of the session has extended beyond the day and has positively impacted on the confidence of those who attended.

I’ve received positive feedback from everyone about Andy’s session and I will definitely be hiring him again.”

Arlo Swinson

Operations Consultant

McDonald’s Restaurants Ltd.

“I spent several hours with Andy and it was the best thing that I have done this year! I now have tools, the process of how to put a talk together and I have done my 1st talk to business owners and loved doing it.

The feedback was great and I'm looking forward to doing more public speaking. Thank you Andy.”                             

 Dr Bridget Kirsop  

Coaching Speaking Workshops

Whoever you are and whatever you do, being able to communicate effectively and speak well in public is vital in this modern noisy world.

What's your message? What's your story? Take control, learn to speak out and give everyone a chance to hear, remember and respond to you and your ideas.

Whether you’re the leader of a global organisation or a solo business professional you need to speak, influence and persuade with integrity and gravitas. Your teams and staff need the ability to communicate with confidence and poise.

If you have a communication issue, what’s it costing you to stay as your are? Get in touch today to discover the communication skills you can gain.

  Professionally you'll gain more:

  Personally you'll gain more:

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Taking the big first step and considering working with a coach takes real courage and I applaud you for that. The next step is to check the professional fit - let’s talk and see what works best for you

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